High demand. Long-term business. Moderate prices. 

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We focus on growth

Strong roots. Good customer base. On the move in many branches. This is Nalamo Impex. 

Coming from the transport & logistics sector, Nalamo Impex has put these years of experience to good use. Since then, the company has specialized in procuring products that are in high demand, especially those required by the economy, from verified sources and at moderate prices. And this for customers from all over the world. 

For humans

You can't build a peaceful world with hungry stomachs and human misery. Norman E. Borlaug

Sunflower oil. Rapeseed oil. Wheat. Barley. Soy. Maize. Rice. Red lentils. As well as cane sugar from Brazil and beet sugar from Europe. Nalamo Impex has focused on these highly sought-after (basic) foodstuffs and has built up a global network from Brazil to Malaysia. 

For animals

Compassion for living beings of unequal stature is perhaps the highest form of intelligence. Simon Gabriel

By sourcing feed corn, feed soy and more from safe, verified sources, Nalamo Impex supports the livestock industry that provides us humans with the most important food. 

For plants

Well fertilized is half grown. 

Nalamo Impex also ensures that the planting and harvesting season is as uncomplicated as possible in the agricultural sector with various fertilizer suppliers (from e.g. Urea 46). 

For machines

You can only pick up speed if you have enough energy to do so. 

The motor that drives us is different for everyone. But the one that keeps the economy running must be fed with fuels such as Diesel Fuel EN590 or A1 Jet Fuel. Nalamo Impex ensures that this happens at real prices and from sanction-free sources. 

Nalamo stands for sustainability. 
Our aim is to satisfy the needs of the present in such a way that the opportunities for future generations are not restricted. 

What we sow now should last for a long time.

Jörg Hausding, CEO

Logo Nalamo Impex

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